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July 19, 2014: My Idea on Love

It’s funny how as humans we constantly say “I love you” or “love ya” or whatever combinations of those words you can put together or come up with… And I mean there are all different types of love. Like the love you have for a pet. The love you have for your family.. for your friends, for yourself, for a significant other, for the universe, for nature, and even for food. It’s a vast and endless spectrum of how we can define the word love and the rules that comes with it. And I think it’s a natural thing as a human to have a need for hearing the words “I love you.” And I also think that actions and words go together. Although, to me, actions are more important.

Yet why are we all so blind to actual love when it’s around us? Maybe because it can make you feel smothered sometimes, but I feel like the littlest things that show us love go completely above our heads. And in reality these “little” things are actually bigger signs of love than buying someone flowers or even saying “I love you.” The way parents tuck their children in at night or how children fall asleep on the couch and wake up in their beds by sunrise. The way friends yell and judge us when we do certain things because to them, your health in the long run is far more important than the random life high you get doing said stupid thing. Even if its a “hun, I love you to death, but that guy doesn’t like you. You need to move on.” The way parents and teachers make us do tasks in order to help us learn, mature, and grow. The way a dog greets his owner when he comes home, or when a cat comes and sits on your lap when she notices you crying. The way someone looks at you, and just smiles.

There’s all that love and then the next step of love which I’d consider being IN love. I’ve never been in love.. but it seems deep and passionate and beautiful. I do believe you really see most of people through their eyes. All the lights and words floating about. Yeah, it’s just an eye, but the energy people emit through them speaks so much more than 1000 words. Love is all through the eyes. Like when someone is passionate about something. I find that really beautiful… the way their eyes light up. And that’s a way of showing a type of love as well. Even when someone say or does something weird or stupid, and all you can do is laugh and call them an idiot. When they unfold beautiful enlightenments so out of this world that you become speechless.. and with your breath taken away, you can only utter “I love you.” And they already know what you’re going to say before you say it just by the look on your face. Which makes the moment even more magical because of all that’s being felt. I mean, I could go on for hours on all the different ways people show their love. And I think my whole point to this long spiel is that we as humans need to realize how much love is actually around us. Even when it doesn’t feel like we have any; even when we feel lost and alone; even when someone’s way of showing love is shitty and exceedingly contradicting. Because some have a harder time allowing themselves to feel and show love. So they cover it with jokes, anger, isolation, and abandonment. Maybe those types of people have felt the most love, but were deeply wounded by it.

The value of love is something never to be forgotten. Just stop and look around at all the beauty. Close your eyes on a windy day, and feel the air hug you and all the love it twists into your hair. Love is what makes life worth living. Loving people, loving what we do, and loving all that we are given. Even if all we’re given is a kick in the ass and a lesson to learn. We’ve been given such a beautiful opportunity that many are not given. I may not be very religious, but I do believe god loves us as well. He has a path for all of us, even if it’s a difficult one, and he sees us the whole way through. He’s selfless and benevolent and that needs to be remembered, whether you practice religion or not. You don’t need to practice to have a god whose looking out for you.

Bottom line, wherever or whoever you get it from, and whatever form you receive it in, just know that you are loved. Loved by friends, family, and even strangers. Open your eyes, you may be surprised by the countless amount of people who are looking out for you.


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