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Spanish Teacher: ¿Cómo estás?

Me: Estoy bitchin’

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July 19, 2014: My Idea on Love

Love. It’s such a simple word, and depending on the mouth it comes from, love can have many different definitions. Love continues to make itself more complicated by taking the shape of many forms. Love can be felt for another human, such as a close friend, but it can also be felt for something as simple as the food we eat. It’s a vast and endless spectrum of how we can define the word love and the rules that come with it.
Humans constantly toss around any combination of the words “I love you” in a desperate attempt to show that said love is genuinely felt. Looking at life day by day, love seems to be greatly expressed without even using the infamous three words. Yet why are we all so blind to actual love when it’s around us? It would appear that the littlest things that exhibit love go completely above our heads. In reality, these “little” things, are actually bigger signs of love than just buying red roses or even saying “I love you.”
Love is parents tucking their children in at night and checking under the bed for monsters. Love is children falling asleep on the couch and waking up in their beds by sunrise. Love being that shoulder to cry on when a friend is in need. Love is yelling and judging actions if it means helping a friend in the long run. Love is teachers assigning irritating tasks in order to help us learn, mature, and grow. Love is being greeted by a dog after a long day of work, and love is way someone looks at you and smiles.
Dishearteningly, out of all that plethora of love, only some are lucky enough to say they have been IN love. A love that is deep and passionate and beautiful. Even fire burning love can be expressed through more than those “I love yous” Take the eyes for instance. In the presence of love, each eye alone contains cities of lights swimming about. The eyes emit an intense energy that has the ability to speak so much more than a thousand words. The beautiful radiance seen as one declares his passions, his dreams, his aspirations. The beautiful radiance seen as one verbalizes her feelings for the boy who gives her butterflies every time he kisses her. Listen carefully, and love can be heard. Because love is saying or doing something galactically weird, and receiving a laugh followed by “you’re an idiot.” Love is listening as he unfolds beautiful enlightenments so out of this world that you’re left speechless… and with that breath taken away, you can only utter “I love you.” Love is knowing she’s in love just by the way she looks at you, and love is the magical moments of silence because of all that is felt without words.
All the different ways humans express love can be talked about for hours on end, and I think my whole point to this long spiel is that, we as humans need to realize how much love is actually around us. Even when it doesn’t feel like we have any; even when we feel lost and alone; even when someone’s way of showing love is shitty and exceedingly contradicting. Because some have a harder time allowing themselves to feel and show love. So they cover it with jokes, anger, and abandonment. Yet we can’t judge, because maybe those types of people have felt the most love, but were deeply wounded by it.
The value of love is something never to be forgotten. Just stop and look around at all the beauty. Close your eyes on a windy day, and feel the air hug you and the love it twists into your hair. Love is what makes life worth living. Loving people, loving what we do, and loving all that we are given. Even if all we’re given is a kick in the ass and a lesson to learn. We’ve been given such a beautiful opportunity that many do not receive. So know that you are loved. Loved by friends, family, and even strangers. Open your eyes, you may be surprised by the countless amount of people who are looking out for you.


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